A lawsuit filed against Southern Paramedic has achieved class-action status.

U.S. District Judge Brian S. Miller certified the lawsuit filed by employees in wage and hour Fair Labor Standards Act Case on July 24, according to attorney Scott Poynter of Emerson Poynter LLP.

The amended complaint, filed Nov. 8, 2012, against Southern Paramedic Inc., and Southern Care Inc., alleged that the defendants did not compensate their employees for time spent "taking showers, completing paperwork, cleaning and restocking ambulances, or attending non-voluntary community event."

Plaintiffs are current and former employees of Southern Paramedic and Southern Care. The plaintiffs seek damages for "all improperly compensated time under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Arkansas Minimum Wage Act."

Plaintiffs worked in several of the defendants’ nine locations across Arkansas and employees at each of the locations are subject to the same policies and procedures, according to the complaint.

Southern Paramedic is Van Buren County’s emergency services provider.