A tornado that moved from Scotland north toward the Clinton area has been confirmed by the National Weather Service as part of a line of severe weather that moved across the state Wednesday.

“A tornado emergency was declared once the tornado had been confirmed on the ground,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Julie Lesko. “The tornado that hit the Clinton area showed an impressive rotational signature on radar. Damage has been confirmed in Clinton and Botkinburg in Van Buren County.”

Lesko explained the conditions that combined to form Wednesday’s line of severe storms, which crossed diagonally across the entire state.

“We had a cold front approaching the state from the west at the same time as a strong upper level system moved out of the Rockies and across the Great Plains,” Lesko said. “It really intensified once it got across the Plains.”

Only the Scotland tornado has been confirmed in the state so far. Other reports of damage will be investigated in the coming days.

Lesko said that the weather behind the front will be sunny but chilly for the next several days.

Information about the number of people injured and buildings damaged was not immediately available Wednesday evening. Check www.vanburencountydem.com on Thursday for more information.