There is an extra special volunteer at the Dove House thrift shop, according to the store’s director Pam Cullum.

Rosemarie Caddy has been volunteering at the thrift shop since October 2013. She has volunteered more than 500 hours of service ~ sorting, folding, hanging clothes and managing the donation area.

"Hello dear," is her coined phrase as people come to shop. If Rose is in the front of the shop everyone walking through the door can expect a greeting.

Rose has had many hardships in life and folks have stepped up to help her when she needed them, says Cullum. "Paying it forward" is how Rose likes to describe her work for Dove House.

"Frankly, I couldn’t run the shop without her," Cullum says. "I invite people to come hear Rose tell her coffee-ground story about how she was led to the Dove House. It’s pretty amazing."

The Dove House has been closed since June 2012. The thrift store is a major step toward getting the shelter for victims of domestic violence reopened.