Last week’s high winds apparently caused some damage to tanks at natural-gas production sites in Bee Branch.

Witnesses said nine tanks in the area of Highway 92 West in Bee Branch appeared damaged after stormy weather passed through the county.

Other damage reports include a barn near Shirley that was blown down, killing some horses inside.

Emily Lane and her sister-in-law April Lane said they were in Bee Branch around 11:30 a.m. Wendesday, Jan. 30, and show debris scattered around drilling pads operated by Southwestern Energy.

The women said one piece of the debris was about one-eighth of a mile east of the property and other debris was near a stream.

The Lanes said they called the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality about 2 p.m. Wednesday.

There was no official word Tuesday as to whether there were any fluids in the tanks.

ADEQ spokeswoman Katherine Benenati did confirm that an inspector from the department as well as an inspector from the Oil and Gas Commission visited the scene on Feb. 1.

She said the ADEQ inspector was out in the field and could not be reached Tuesday. Benenati said a report on the incident should be filed by the end of this week.