The Shirley City Council rejected proposals to buy the city’s mineral and royalty interests.

One proposal, from Royalty Clearinghouse, was for $4,131.22; the other, from Southwest Petroleum Co., offered $7695. Th council members were unanimous that the city is not interested in selling it’s mineral and royalty interests.

Also at the July meeting, the council discussed plans for the kitchen renovation at the Community Center. The plan is to include a kitchenette for use by residents. The Van Buren County Area Agency on Aging is paying for renovations to the min kitchen. The council unanimously approved committee plans for the renovations.

The council heard from resident Benny Brown who said he believed "illegal" activity was taking place at the city’s campground. He also stated that there were complaints about the location of a portable toilet in the field next to the campground. Mayor Johnny Sowell stated the unit had been placed there after the area flooding washing away a previous unit. He said he would have it moved or discontinue renting it as the city had public restrooms at the playground next door to the campground.

Brown reported there was a continuous flow of cars coming in and out of the campground from the occupied site at the end of the campground. Sowell said he would talk to the sheriff’s office to get the problem resolved.