A man and woman tried to gain access to an elderly woman’s home in Scott County under false pretenses, according to the Department of Human Services. The pair identified themselves as Adult Protective Services workers last week at the woman’s home.

The couple knocked on the door of the Waldron woman’s home and requested entry. When the woman asked for identification, the couple told her they left it in the car and were not required to present identification. Adult Protective Service workers are always instructed to identify themselves and show identification when they first make contact. The couple threatened to call law enforcement if the woman did not allow them in. She refused and they left.

The man is described as being in his 40s with short dark hair that is gray on the sides. He has tattoos on his fingers. The woman is described as having shoulder length dark hair. They were driving a light blue vehicle.

DHS would like to remind citizens that any law enforcement official or DHS worker is required to show identification. If an incident such as this happens to you, do not let anyone in your home and call a law enforcement office.