Van Buren County’s Ingram Philips has formally announced his Republican candidacy for Arkansas House District 68, campaigning in Van Buren and Pope counties.

"This is a critical time for our state and district," Ingram says. "The Washington administration is clearly grasping at straws. Scandals, severe economic and social distress, foolhardy policies and regulations, bloated bureaucracy, outright greed and corruption are all part of a slimy mess that flows to the states. At this crossroads in history, Arkansas’ elected representatives must aggressively rally at our borders to protect our values and rights from a federalism running amok. I can help."

Further Philips said, "I hate labels. Yes, I am ‘Conservative,’ ‘Constitutional,’ ‘Patriot,’ ‘Republican,’ ‘State/Individual Rights.’ I am also the son of long lines of ‘Democrat,’ ‘Traditional Southerner’ and ‘Anti-Federalist.’ I descend from the same roots as our Founding Father, George Washington. Set aside those convenient labels. ‘Citizen’ — that is what I like best and it is District 68 citizens I hope to represent."

Van Buren County has not elected one of its residents as State Representative in many years. The present district boundary links Van Buren (minus Clinton and south to Faulkner) with larger-populated Pope County, home of term-limited Rep. Robert Dale.

The primary election is May 20 election. No other candidate has stepped forward from either county at this time.

Ingram is a former businessman. He served in the Army for 30 years. He heads a volunteer project known as Care Cap Connections, which provides scarves to women and girls bald from chemotherapy.

"I am an honest, hard-working citizen who would be proud to serve everyone," said Philips.

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