Let’s do this

Okay, let’s start a thing: Second Saturday, Clinton Courthouse Square, we get out there, we play music, maybe do the Farmers Market (that’s up to the farmers, to be honest). We start, weather permitting, in the morning, sit around and pick, be all done by 11 a.m. or so, come back and do it again next month.

Let’s start in May. Call, drop by, or send us a line, let us know what’s a good time of day to start our second Saturday jam. Alex at the paper 501-745-5175 or editor@vanburencountydem.com

No electric instruments. We’ll keep this acoustic. Watch this space for details.

Good news

Fairfield Bay’s city council meeting Monday night painted a rosy picture. Oh sure, journalism and all so we’re more cynical than most people, but still, closing in on a hotel, closing in on a manufacturing facility, trailheads more accessible with recent legislation giving more tourists a reason to head up that way, good for them, indeed: Good news.

But wait, it’s good news for all of us, for the entire county. First, more tourists to Fairfield means more tourists for all of us. And tourists are people who buy things, gasoline and food not in the least. While we’re happy that Fairfield Bay is looking at growing revenues, county-wide growth of revenues, especially against the rather dire projections due to the decrease in mineral fees in the current market, gives us all some room to hope.

And speaking of tourists, those same ATV tourists Fairfield Bay is looking toward as the same tourists pointed out at a recent Shirley city council meeting. Which is enough to say this is the kind of thing where there’s plenty to be spread around.

Good news, then, all around. We need to take a moment and thank all the people working to get activity in our communities, in our county. These aren’t the easiest times, but it’s good to have hope.


And with the subject of hope in mind, let’s recall that this weekend, this Sunday, is Easter, a holiday centered on the hope given.

We hope you’re able to spend time with family as so many will this weekend, and we certainly hope you’re able to participate in a service with the congregation of your choosing for this defining celebration.

Luke 24: 1-8

Jesus Has Risen

24 On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. 2 They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, 3 but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. 4 While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. 5 In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? 6 He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: 7 ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ” 8 Then they remembered his words.