Life is full of funny little moments that bring us joy and a chuckle or two. Sean and I had four of our grandchildren visiting this week and witnessed one of those funny little moments that we will always treasure. The three smaller grandchildren were trying to catch crawdads in the creek. Spotting a really large one Ayden began yelling, “Hurry, hurry, bring the net. There’s a huge one!” Hayley rushes over, takes a quick peek at the huge one and while Ayden was leaning over the water, keeping a watchful eye on it, Hayley picks up a large rock and promptly drops it on top of the crawdad. One large rock, one large splash, equals one soaked and screaming grandson. Hayley just shrugs and looks at Ayden and says, “Sorry, I was just trying to get it.”

Later in the week we watched an older movie that we borrowed from the library, “Evan Almighty”. It’s a comedy about a modern day Noah. Steve Carell plays a newly elected Congressman who wants to change the world, his name is Evan Baxter, and he prays to God to help him. Morgan Freeman plays God and instructs Evan to build an ark and helps him to do just that, to change the world. It’s a good family movie and there is one part in the movie that has stuck with me and inspires me to do good, it’s when God explains to Evan why he asked him to build an ark. At the end of the movie Evan is disappointed as he realizes that he really didn’t need to build the ark that he did because the flood he was expecting wasn’t one that would destroy the earth enabling him to change the world. He was told to build it in order to correct a wrong being done in his community. He wanted to change the world and didn’t feel like this was accomplished. God soon reassures him that he now has a perfect life as well as everything that he had prayed for. God goes on to explain to him that the right way to change the world is by doing one Act of Random Kindness at a time. (ARK).

Hayley was doing her act of random kindness when she rescued Ayden from that “huge one”. A neighbor brought Sean and I green beans from his garden, we gave produce to seniors in our community this week. What will be your act of random kindness?

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