I am a widow of a retired Veteran who served his country proudly for 22 years. He was a recipient of a Silver Star, Bronze Star, 2 Purple Hearts and numerous other metals. He was decorated by 3 different presidents during his service to this country.

After his death, I decided to sell my home and move closer to my children. I placed some items in storage here in Clinton, and a few months later it was broken into. I was still grieving the loss of my husband of 30 years and was unable to determine what was missing. I am just now able to go thru these items and figure out what is missing. If anyone knows anything about the following items, I am not looking to press charges, I just want my belongs and memories back.

Missing 2 brass floor lamps (belonged to my grandfather), a rocking chair that had been painted black, a large cedar chest that held the uniform of my late husband was wearing when he was critically shot multiple times during Vietnam and a briefcase containing 22 years of accumulated mementos and papers he collected during his time in service.

I am hoping for a miracle, if anyone has information or knows anything about the stolen items, please contact me at rhonday@windstream.net. Like I said I’m not looking to press charges I just want anything I can get back, Thank you.


Rita Anderson

Fayetteville, Ark.