I read with interest, then disappointment, your article in this week’s paper about the Van Buren County Animal Control office. We have been permanent residents of Van Buren County for 6 years now but have had a residence here since 1980 & have paid property taxes for the last 37 years. The animal shelter in Clinton has been poorly managed for as long as I’ve been coming up here & I was in hopes that with the changes that were supposed to happen effective July 1, things might get better. Apparently not.

I got a call from a friend Tuesday asking for advice on what to do about 3 pups who had been dumped on Baker Lake Road. They looked to be starving according to her & the family was trying to get some help for them. She contacted the shelter who said they were not picking up dogs anymore. Then she contacted the sheriff’s office who said they were not picking up dogs anymore. I read in your article where the sheriff himself said his office had not been getting many calls about animal problems. Maybe it’s because his office is not responsive when there is a problem.

Dumping dogs has been a constant problem on our road since we moved up here permanently in 2011. I have personally rescued or helped with at least 19 dogs who were dumped. I have not gotten involved with the Clinton shelter because they have never been interested or responsive in the problems we have in the county.

I am a long time animal rescue volunteer & I foster & transport dogs for other rescues around the state who take responsibility & run a well-managed facility. I was really hoping Lori Treat would do better but it’s not looking good. When I pay our property tax & try to figure out where the money is going & what benefit we are getting from it, it makes me very sad & angry. If Lori thinks she is going to get money with a fundraiser I would suggest she start working to show the people of Van Buren County what they should expect to get for their money.

Jannette Burke