Point of order

We found out, in conversation with Clinton councilman Jeff Pistole, that were mistaken, that the city and/or county is not able to tax marijuana outside taxes levied by the state. Hence we were mistaken, and there is no need – obviously – for the city or the county to determine how and how much to tax medical marijuana vendors as we called for in a previous editorial.

Fine, we admit when we’re in error. More to the point, however, we remain in favor of medical marijuana facilities in the county. Again, if the drug is a problem or not, is it at least a thing which should take place in the light of day. If there is a problem, if someone has a problem with it, better it be above the surface, as it were, where it can be addressed, as opposed to in the darkness of an illegal secret.

Go team county

We saw an interesting exchange at Thursday’s Quorum Court meeting.

Say what you will about divided opinion, say what you will about a county contending with falling revenues and attendant hiring issues, but say, too, what you will about a group, in this case members of the Quorum Court, able to come together on an issue.

Now, granted, the “come together” thing was not pretty. (“Two things a man should never see made: Law and sausage,” Mark Twain, quoted from memory.) For that matter it was not absent some risk as obvious frustration was met by obvious frustration. Still, during that (all important) break, there was conversation. Conversation, shared views, minds meeting. After the break a vote, and a legislative objective was accomplished. Good.

This is the way it’s supposed to work in a civil society, and this is what happened. Good, and good again. Nobody said any of this would be pretty, certainly nobody said “easy,” but nobody said things couldn’t be accomplished by a group working together.

Oh man the heat

Again, public service announcement: Take it easy. This heat is no joke, and pushing it too hard in this weather could be the death of you. Keep the fluids going.

Take it a step further: Check on people, people you work with, people down the road who don’t get many visitors, all that. Check on pets, livestock, it’s that kind of weather. Be careful. And give each other a little more space. The heat is hard on all of us and nerves tend to fray in these extremes.

Fire tax

We realize these are cynical times, and we realize what passes for intellectualism in these times is what amounts to finding a reason to say “No.” We get it.

But we want the City of Clinton to grow, and the important infrastructure for doing so needs to be running in front of the need. (If you’ve ever stood outside waiting for the fire trucks to arrive you understand this right away.)

We anticipate forthcoming reporting on tax burdens in this county, and the city of Clinton, versus other locations, but in the meantime, put us down as being in favor of funding the Fire Department with this sales tax.

Blessing Box

The recent “if you need, take; if you have, leave” Blessing Box at the Courthouse by Circuit Clerk Debbie Gray is just the sort of thoughtful touch that makes Van Buren County such a great place.

John 4:24 (NIV)

24 “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”