Thank you to Debbie Gray and the Van Buren County Circuit Clerks office for the recent installation of the Blessings Box at the courthouse in Clinton. “Take what you need, Leave what you can.” What a great idea! Now that the Greater Good Cafe, where guests were allowed to “Eat what you need, and pay what you can” is no longer on Main street its a wonderful thing to see that the spirit of caring for those in need is alive and well. You may not see the needs that are there every day in our community but believe me they are there. We have several organizations who do their best in addressing hunger in our community. I applaud their efforts. Personally, it is a passion of mine to do what I can so that others don’t go hungry. Many of you can probably relate to your parents telling you that you had better eat your dinner because there are starving children in the world, that you shouldn’t be wasteful and you need to be grateful for what you have, even those nasty brussels sprouts? Yes! We may not be on Main street anymore but we are still addressing hunger in our community. During this growing season we have given, onions, potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers to seniors in our community. We either grow this produce ourselves or we buy from local farmers. We are currently working on a fall garden so that the we can continue to supplement the nutritional needs of the seniors in our program with locally grown produce. Are seniors starving in Van Buren county? No, but they do need more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the food that they do have or receive from other programs. We have many seniors who are home bound, under nursing care, don’t have the mobility to go shopping themselves and have to rely on others to do this for them or take them. We have seniors who are alone and are so grateful for a visit, a gift of bread or produce left for them that lets them know that someone cares. The elderly are the golden nuggets at the end of the rainbow of life. It’s a privilege and an honor to show them, even in our small way, how much we care and appreciate their contributions to our society.

I think there is a mass exodus from Texas going on. Our last two visitors were from the Lone star state. Our first couple experienced the seriously hot summer days we recently had with little water in the creek and waterfall. While the next couple were blessed with a full creek, a flowing freely waterfall and much cooler temperatures. I know the slogan for Texas is, “Don’t Mess with Texas”, but we sure enjoyed our visits with both couples and hope to see them again soon.

Our resident barn owl has been spotted almost daily so I guess it’s time to name him or her. Any suggestions? In other wildlife updates for the week we witnessed a hawk make a meal out of a snake, two hawks fighting over dinner and Henry our groundhog has delighted our guests by making daily appearances in the orchard.

The deadline for Sponsors for the upcoming “Dirty Bowl” benefit football game has been extended to September 1st. Participants deadline is August 10th.

If you have a heart warming story to share, would like to visit the retreat, need a hug, want to book a stay, volunteer to help, or make a donation to our mission of addressing Senior Hunger, call 501-253-4716, 501-757-2750, email, text or message me on Facebook through The Dirty Farmers Community Market page.