What, really, could be more Fall than a football game? Walking out to the Clinton fields this past Sunday to watch the Dirty Bowl flag football match go down, sun shining, temperature mild enough where you didn’t mind going outside, good-natured competition, people chipping in for a charitable cause, it was just pleasant.

And, not to be Captain Bring-Down in all this, but Fall means Winter is in the batter’s box and senior hunger, the confrontation of which was the ultimate purpose of the game, and senior support for that matter, won’t be any less serious in the months to come. Let’s not fret, good people are doing things about it, but let’s not sit idly by, either, good people could use your help.

Lest we forget it’s never too late to make a donation, or chip in with some support.

In this week’s paper:

Take a minute, if you will, and check the review from the archives. Usually that would be a drive-by of various editions across various years, but here we happen to be within a few days of that horrible (dastardly) attack on the World Trade Center, the 9/11 attacks as they’ve come to be known.

Because of that we just concentrated on the post-attack coverage and its impact on this county. Much like Irma blowing gray into the county, it’s difficult to not acknowledge the impact that day has had on all of us, each and every one of us.

Fairfield Bay: Not only was it a long meeting last night (I’m typing this on Tuesday) but even if that thing wrapped up at 5 p.m. I could still do a much longer article on everything covered last night. They were busy.

For example, a number of ordinances are in play. We’ll cover those in weeks to come. Meanwhile, just to be sure you caught it in the article, this hotel deal, it’s getting close, and when it happens it’s a big deal.

(Speaking of big deals, sitting through a bond ordinance passage is a great cure for insomnia.)

Anyway, don’t forget, a big deal for Fairfield Bay is a big deal for Van Buren County. (Let’s hear it for tax revenue! And jobs!) The excitement in the room as people considered how close they were getting to the deal being made was palpable, and with good reason. Success is exciting to be around.

Cops: Apparently I’ll not get tired of saying it: I’m glad there’s cops. It’s just, it’s that people kind of get off the path of an orderly society and it’s not up to us: Doing three push ups a year and getting mad about stuff we see on television, to do something about it. We have these guys confronting people that, frankly, I’d as soon not have to confront.

Plato, when he organized a good and just society (that’s what he called it, “a good and just society,” although not in english) pointed out that the society would need men and women to maintain law and order. Society would need cops, in other words.

I’m still working on turning into a better Police and Courts beat reporter than what I am, so bear with me. Meanwhile we’re trying to keep everybody up with what’s going on in law enforcement world.

The Fair: And the fair this year promises to be fun. Hope you have time to check it out, and, perhaps, get a chance to watch this year’s parade.

This Saturday is the luncheon with the former queens of the fair and their input, dating back to the 1946 Queen, “Aunt May” May Patterson, promises to make it all special.

Plus there’s all that food and rides on the midway, and the stock show, and more. But then it’s Fall.