I would like to make a statement about the Clinton football problem. I know for a fact that the Ambulance Service along with every other school in Arkansas has been told they are not to drive onto the field. it has been told to all services. As for the complaints from other employees of Southern, they were most or if not all fired or quit to not getting their way when it came to doing their jobs. They are trying to get back at the company in any way they can. Have they had some problems, yes, but no one is perfect. Have they had some employees that lacked in doing the job correctly, yes, but have made improvements. All that is doing is hurting the other employees and the people they are helping in the area.

As Medics and EMT’s we are trained not to run due to the fact we may injure ourselves and then how would we be able to treat anyone and become one of the injured ourselves. All I am saying is, could the employees that were working the game done a couple things differently, I only think that he should have listened to the Doctor that was there more, but as medics we are trained to do our own assessment of the scene. That is exactly what this medic did, he was doing his job. As observers in the stands and other players, all they know is what they see, they dont have the training to know the protacals we have to go by. Hope that Southern Paramedic Service gets to stay in the area, I wouldnt want another Service in this area. Thank you

Susan Drost