Just to let everyone know: We at the Methodist, Women’s Thrift Shop have witnessed various people taking donated items from back porch and donation bin. Security video shows all kinds of shameful activities. We see those of you who are dropping off (or dumping) any unwanted items. Your vehicle can also be easily identified. The Police Department has been notified and they are investigating some of these thefts.

While we do appreciate all the good things that have been donated to help our mission to assist those in need, please do not drop off: old couches, hide-a-way beds or futons, broken and unusable items, old tvs, computers, any equipment that is out of date or has missing parts, old tires, anything that is very dirty, stained, smelly or wet, broken bikes and toys. You can take all of these things to the recycling center for proper disposal.

All our workers at the thrift shop are volunteers and representatives of our church, we are dedicated to helping others and improving our community. However, it is difficult at times to keep up with overwhelming tasks we face day to day. Think of us before you bring your donations, unusable donations impede our work and ministry.

We are very proud to be part of this community where we all live, Thanks again for all your help.

Thanks for your continued support, and kind regards.

The Methodist, Women’s Thrift Shop