One of the first Christmas gifts i remember receiving was a watch. I say it was a watch but I don’t recall if it actually told the time or not. All I remember was that it was two kids on a seesaw and when wound they would move up and down.

Then in 1982 I requested and received a Pacman watch and it was my prized possession. They are still on sale on Ebay for $100. Sadly I lost mine. The game consisted of four buttons that would move Pacman around an unchanging maze, but would increase in speed as you progressed through the levels.

The next watch I owned I found in a state park bathroom during one of many forced family camping trips. This watch had one of those stretchy metal bands that pulled the hair on your skin whenever you put it on. It was interesting to me because it told you the date and the time and I had never seen anything like it before, however it did not last long as it was not waterproof.

In the third grade I was given a cheap Casio. I enjoyed this particular watch because I was able to sync it to the school bell so I knew EXACTLY how long math class was and when recess began. After I misplaced that watch I started wearing a red sweatband for some reason. It was the trend I suppose because I recall that a classmate of mine, Richard Belue, had a white one with a zipper pouch and a watch built into it. I was very envious.

In highschool I began wearing an actual watch once again but I avoided losing my trusty Timex Ironman watch by never ever taking it off. By the time I reach college it was in sad shape and eventually fell apart on my wrist.

In 2003 I purchased my first Iphone, but continued to where a watch a bit longer but eventually ditched it for the convenience of telling time on my phone. It took awhile for my wrist to completely recover. There was a visible indention where I wore my timepiece for quite some time. I was done with watches for good or so I thought. When the Apple Watch came out I resisted for a while but eventually I caved and purchased one thinking that it was everything I could want in a device. Given my long history with watches I thought this was a match made in heaven. I could not wait!

I bought my new watch, ripped it from its packaging, synced it to my phone and put it on my wrist. What happened next I cannot quite explain. You know that scene in Back to the Future where Marty McFly and his mother (in the past) are in the car and she kisses him? She couldn’t wait to plant one on him but when she finally does she is repulsed. I had the same reaction to my new watch. I tried to wear it for about an hour, then I put it back in the box and returned it the next day. I have a few Apple based products and love them all especially my Airpods but I do not care for the watch and I am not sure why.