“Wisdom from a snowman; It’s okay to be a little bottom heavy, don’t get too much sun, everyone nose carrots are good for you, be a jolly, happy soul, it takes a few extra rolls to make a good midsection, it’s fun to hang out in your front yard, remember we’re all a bit flaky, white is always appropriate and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. “

The author may be Unknown but oh so wise. When my oldest granddaughter Kenzie, was little I started having snowmen parties as a way to liven up things in a slow month where many times we are stuck indoors due to cold temperatures and hazardous roads. The best part of the party was being able to have dessert first. There are two reasons for this indulgent way of thinking, one I’m the grandma so it’s okay and two snowmen are built from the bottom up so it makes perfect sense to eat dessert first then work towards the main course. This year we celebrated the cold month of January with friends who have become family and acted like kids. We had a good time being silly, eating dessert first and loving the wisdom of a good snowman.

While delivering bread at Lefler Estates I had a chance to visit with the property manager, Diane. I’m always so pleased to see the common room so nicely decorated for each of the holidays and have often wanted to do a little more for the residents there. Diane offered me the perfect opportunity when she asked if our organization would be interested in hosting their monthly Bingo night. I was ready to say yes right then and there but actually managed to refrain from jumping right in knowing I’d need a little help so told her I’d talk to my husband and volunteers and let her know. I have a very giving and understanding husband and a great group of friends whose support I can always count on so I was super excited when I called her the next day and told her yes, we’d be happy to host their Bingo nights. What a great way to give.

I’m writing about this to ask for your help as well. We’d like to offer small inexpensive items as prizes for winning a game of Bingo as well as having a somewhat larger prize for the final black out game at the end of the evening. If you would like to donate to Bingo night please call, or text me and we’d be ever so grateful for your contributions. My volunteers and I are looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends and playing some Bingo! Our first Bingo night will be Monday, March 12.

“The greatest gift you can give someone is your Time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back,” Unknown.

Your Kindness Challenge for the week: Take a board game to play at a senior center.

If you’d like to visit for a day or overnight stay, have a heart warming story to share, a thought or word of inspiration, would like more information on how you can make a difference in your community by giving to seniors call, 501-253-4716, email grandmayogi7@yahoo.com, text or message me on Facebook through The Dirty Farmers Community Market page.