I’m what you call one of those modern guys.

The other day I’m here at the paper, typing away, and decide to make a fast food run, hit up the McDonalds for a burger and coffee.

I drink a lot of coffee. Really I probably drink too much coffee. (In fact if you see my wife, tell her it was a burger and water, and don’t show her this column.) I point this out because I know coffee drinking. I don’t know all these fancy things, this cold-brew, double-dip, beans-from-some-place-I’ve-never-heard-of, but once it’s in a cup, I know what I’m doing. Time to get down to business.

And being a modern guy, I used my modern phone and “the app” to order the meal. That way I just pull up to the spot outside, punch a button on my phone, and a couple minutes later somebody walks up to my window with the order. We modern guys, we can’t be bothered with waiting in drive-in lines, so we go to the slot, punch the button, and wait - modern style.

A a nice person walks out, hands me my sack of chow (feed bag metaphors not unfair), then my coffee, then asks a question that absolutely blows my mind.

“Would you like a straw? I brought you one in case you wanted one.”

“What? No, I’m, it’s, coffee, I’m having coffee. Wait… do people sometimes ask for a straw with their coffee?”

“Yes, sometimes. I’ll put their drink in front of them and they’ll ask for a straw, even when it’s coffee.”

So there you are, dear reader, journalism, reporting from the field, in its most raw form: It’s 2018 and people are occasionally using a straw to drink their coffee.

And thus another day where I’m forced to draw the conclusion that despite my study and time interviewing, observing and reporting I have no idea what’s going on in this world. Straw for coffee, I mean seriously.

And I suppose if I was clever I could use this to launch into a discussion about the affairs going on in the county as reported this week, but honestly, once you stick a straw in a coffee cup I’m done. No literary metaphor, witty bon mot, just … here we are.

Uh… speaking of hotels: It’s with some joy we get to run the report of Fairfield Bay’s hotel deal coming together in the past week. Early on when I started hitting the beat in that city the need for a hotel became apparent, as did the apparent nature of the work people were putting in to get one for the city.

What was especially striking is I was up in Fairfield Bay the day the deal was signed. I’d been asked to speak at the Rotary Club up there (a very nice group, and thank you for the hospitality) when, just before the meeting started, word came in that the hotel deal was signed.

Applause. Much smiling, but certainly: Applause.

And of course they applauded, everybody was happy that the city was able to get a contract they (they) had been pursuing for endless years now. But more to the point was that it wasn’t just the applause, everybody knew everybody else was happy about it, everybody was happy for Fairfield Bay.

I continue to be struck by that in my interactions with the ‘Bay, that they have very much an “us, all of us” approach to most things they face. Oh sure, it’s not like I don’t see the us thing going on elsewhere in this county and its cities, it’s just that Fairfield seems to do an especially good job of it.

A lesson there for all of us - myself not in the least. Come of think of it, the editor of a newspaper having an “us, all of us” outlook is not a bad thing.

Although to be clear if y’all want to start sticking straws in your coffee you’re on your own.