Dear Editor:

This letter concerns the cruel and heartless people who put out anti-freeze and rat poison for our neighborhood animals. It has also been reported spring-jaw steel traps are being set in the area of Poplar, Oak and Fraser streets in Clinton.

We held another of our hapless pets while it died a horrible death today. We had raised him and two siblings from hungry little kittens someone had dumped in our back yard. This seems to be a popular drop-off place for unwanted pets.

From our pockets we have fed, paid their vet medical bills and had some spayed and neutered. Our animal control officer Pam Hopkins has worked diligently to assist this town’s unwanted animal problem and I might add with very little help and finances.

Any information or comments, please call us. We’re in the phone book.

Parents, watch your children.

P.S. The new animal cruelty law in Arkansas in in effect. Severe penalties, heavy fines and jail time could be levied if proven.

Roy and Louise Moore

308 Poplar St.

Clinton, AR 72031

Editor’s note: It is illegal to kill someone’s pet even if that animal is on your property. The appropriate response to a nuisance animal is to call Animal Control at 745-2121. Steel traps and poisons are cruel. Please report malicious crimes against animals to the sheriff’s office or local police departments.