Dear Editor:

Matthew Pate’s article "War and peace, but in brief" published in the Van Buren County Democrat June 5, 2013 edition is an example of a leftest disinformation piece.

Here are three observations:

Citing the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division report Crime in the United States 2011, Expanded Homicide Data Table 8, Murder

Victims by Weapon, 2007-2011, Pate bemoans that 8,583 were murdered in 2011 by firearms. What he fails to tell you is that this is a five year chart showing that homicides related to firearms is down each year. In 2007 there were 10,129 homicides connected to firearms. The decrease from 2007 to 2011 was 1,546 homicides, a decline of over 15 percent.

Why such a decline? Firearm sales have been increasing rapidly since Obama was inaugurated, with over 73,000,000 background checks. An increase in defense weapons in the hands of lawful citizens is a deterrent to the unlawful.

Second, Pate derides "those who worship gods of steel and black powder" and who "worship guns." Personally, I have never met anyone who worships any of these. The Area Church Directory shows no Church of the Worshipful Gun. Pate’s derogatory name-calling only affirms he has no substantive argument.

Third, Pate in two places scolds us not to use the "Hitler disarmed the populace" argument with him. It is "rhetoric" and something people

use "only when they know they have nothing else." This is simply dismissing the argument because he has no answer to it. Whether it be Nazi

Germany, the Soviet Union, Red China or a host of lesser tyrants, when the guns were taken away millions of defenseless people died. This is not

"rhetoric," this is history. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana.

Joe Garnett