Dear Editor:

As a person who lives and pay taxes in Van Buren County this grievance has to get off my chest for the the sheriff’s department and also for Mr. Hooper, our county judge, and the Highway Department.

About four weeks ago I got company and those people told me about a dead dog lying on the side of the road close to the road l live on. When l went to the store later that day, yes, there lay the dog on the roadside, not a small one, a good size animal. So l did call the office of Mr. Hooper, is he not the county judge? I left a message on his telephone that l would like to have that carcass removed, because it had lots of flies and it started to stink. So far no action is taken and it is still there, that’s about four weeks ago.

Then lo and behold, about three weeks ago all of a sudden there lies next to the dog a carcass of a deer, and l suppose there must have been a poacher who shot and killed the deer because there was the head, the legs, bones and the skin of the deer, the whole carcass was there but no meat. So l thought because this is Van Buren County I would call the sheriff’s department and asked if we have a game warden here and if could get his telephone number. He, the officer, did not

have a telephone number and did not know if we had a game warden. He then asked me where the carcasses were located. I told him on Highway 336 close Gillette Lane, and the officer told me that he would call the highway department here in Clinton and let them know, but so far nada, and today the mowers came by and, would you believe, they mowed straight over it. The leftovers of the dog and the deer are strewn out on the road. I am just wondering why do we pay people who

don’t have the decency and do nothing about it? I suppose it is just putting off the responsibility to someone else so they don’t have to hassle with it.

Shame on you all, especially the county judge and the highway department. I can easily understand that a lot of people are fed up with the representatives in our Van Buren County offices, and to be honest, I am one of them!

Mrs. E. Watson