Dear Editor:

In answer to Stephen James’ campaign article for the Democrat Party and the greatest Democrat president ever elected (I’m glad you reminded us that Obama is a Democrat, I was worried The People might forget.

First off, I’d like to ask what they think it would do to help the country, if they could prove to the people that it was the Tea-Partiers that shut down the government? (Which they can’t, not even a little bit).

Second, you named all the branches of the government that is supposed to be divided and running the government, and the Tea-Partiers are less than half of half of one of the branches of our government. Can you not see how much power or credit you are putting on this small group of people? It makes me wonder what your president and the other smart branches of government were doing when the Tea-Partiers were shutting down the government of the entire country. Reminds me of a sour remark I once heard, ("Don’t blame the Democrats! They ain’t done nothing…").

If you want to look for some blame, try counting the lies and promises the Democrats told us. The first lie is in the name "The Affordable Care Act," it’s not affordable. Also, speaking of Kings, how many times has Obama said if Congress can’t do what he wants done then he will do it. I heard Obama say that the government was the only thing big enough to save this country and went on to say that he was that government.

One of your writers in the Heber Springs paper wrote, (before the last election) that Obama jumped under the Titanic and saved it, (she don’t know much about history) and one of your famous Liberals, Allen Combs, wrote a book titled, "Thank the Liberals For Saving America." (Maybe it was Bob Beckel, I can’t tell them apart). Where have they saved it to, a shutdown? Count the lies, I read somewhere that God said he raises and lowers the nations like a drop in the bucket! I also read someplace that people who don’t know God is deaf, can’t hear, blind and can’t see and have no understanding.

Billy G. Wilson


(Editor’s Note: The Van Buren County Democrat has no connection with any newspaper in Heber Springs.)