Dear Editor:

There is a plaque over the grounds of the United States Naval Academy which quotes a famous poet. It says, "There is nothing so terrifying as ignorance in action." There was a minor display of that at the community auditorium Monday, Feb. 24.

A speaker came to town to give reasons why it is better to decriminalize drugs and regulate them than to pretend the community is not rife with drugs.

There were protesters there to protest something. I never learned if they protested the speaker, the message or both. I only thought of that quote on a plaque and saw the potential for terror.

There are people who seem to believe if they can enfold themselves into a cloak of ignorance tightly enough they are safe from all adversity. Is there any evidence to support this belief? I do not think so, yet people refuse to accept any knowledge that is contrary to their prejudices.

There are deaths in our state, our county and communities from drugs. For those who are against regulation, do you have the courage to offer condolences to the families who are heartbroken at the loss of a loved one from drugs? Do you have the courage to learn more?

Joan Baumgardner