Dear Editor:

Last week on Channel 11 evening news there was a story about South Side School in Van Buren County about the amount of money the school was receiving from property taxes in its district.

The story had a video of all the electronic equipment the school had ("smart" boards, computers, iPads, etc.) and an interview with Superintendent Jackson.

Mr. Jackson indicated there are now nine school districts in the state in which the 25 mill tax brings in more than the $6,267 the state allocates per student.

Jackson said South Side is currently receiving over $9,000 per student and is currently banking over $3 million a year. He also indicated the money is needed for new buildings and the teacher Christmas bonus. Also, an unconfirmed report says the district has about $7 million in reserve for rainy day funds.

Currently, South Side has the highest millage of any school in the district (42 mills).

The question becomes when is enough an enough!

How many improvements are enough, will a new gym or another baseball field be next?

Fair is fair. the money came from the taxpayers in the district and that is where it should be returned.

The School Board needs to lower the millage for the district and should make plans to do it immediately.

Nick Palangio