Dear Editor:

Regarding sign fees, my question to the City Council is this: What were you thinking? When you voted unanimously to raise the sign permit fees $50 to $300 for each sign?

We have had huge business and industry closures. Main Street now resembles a ghost town; why penalize small business?

The city of Clinton gets a percentage of all sales tax collected by business.

I would like to see our city officials with a pro-business friendly demeanor. Where are the business incentives? How many industries and businesses have to close to become Priority One?

This is Small Town U.S.A. Stop throwing anchors to those already drowning.

The business (county Economic Development director Peter) Giovannini said was coming to the Volex building? His salary is how much? How about the city offering the same amount to anyone bringing industry to Clinton? I’d like regular updates and contact records and accountability for the salary received.

There are no free lunches, any hard-working small business person can attest to that.

Please support local business, everyone.

Kitty Murdoch


Dear Editor:

I’ve been thinking ……

I took two "golden" vacation days from work recently to attend my first state Municipal League conference in Hot Springs, alongside Dena Malone, city recorder/treasurer, and Dwight Wilson, zoning officer.

I felt proud to represent our city. It seemed everywhere I went someone said, "Oh, you’re from Clinton? It’s such a pretty place," or, "Boy, you’ve had a lot of unfortunate disasters and your share of bad luck," I always said, "Yes, we have!" I learned a lot at this conference and wanted to share my enthusiasm from this experience.

I gathered information that inspired me and kept my interest of why I ran for office. I’m even more excited about our future plans for our city.

With everyday challenges and negativity all around the city I still feel we have advantages over other cities in our state. I would now like to concentrate and focus on one area in particular: our Clinton Fire Department. At the conference I attended a seminar on how to manage the volunteer fire department. I always thought we had a good fire department, but after this seminar, I know we have a great fire department! During the seminar I see that many of the other cities attending were larger in population than Clinton and are struggling to even get volunteers for their departments. Our ISO rating is the best for our population. We have the same ISO rating as some of the fire departments with full-time paid firefighters with three times our population. I think our firemen work hard serving our city, training and maintaining our ISO, which saves on our insurance premiums. If you see the red lights, hear the sirens or just see one of these brave men, stop and give them an encouraging word or pat on the back and tell them you appreciate them.

Secondly, no matter how big or small our city is, it’s our home. Clinton is a beautiful place to live with our majestic mountains, our rivers, lakes and even our massive rocks have beauty. Let’s concentrate on the good and not the negative. Everyone has a crucial part to play. Whether it’s mowing your yard, planting a tree, hanging a flower basket off your front porch, just remember to have pride of ownership.

With summer upon us, let’s enjoy what Clinton has to offer.

Gayla Bradley

Clinton City Councilwoman