Dear Editor:

After my last session with the Clinton Planning and Zoning members, I am like a disabled robot. "Does Not Compute," "Does Not Compute." I do not comprehend the reasoning behind the refusal to acknowledge the voice of the 80 business people and residents that signed the petition presented to them. The voice of "We, the people" was rendered mute by the refusal to grant a moratorium on sign permit fees on new business.

After much discussion, a vote was taken and a one-year stay was granted on businesses that had already paid permit fees. However, none on new business. My question were/are: "How would that help new business?" "How would that encourage new business start ups?" "How will that forward the revitalization of Main Street Clinton and the groups trying to turn Clinton around?"

With only 11 permits issued it can’t be about money, but it was stated it was about money. The next statement was that if we dropped the fees, that those who had paid would want their money back. As a local business person, I can honestly state, I know of no business owner small-minded enough to begrudge the revitalization of ghost town Clinton and the encouragement of new business. It’s a win win plan.

That statement alone nullifies the petition signed by the businesses that already paid their fees and speaks volumes for the lack of support for Clinton business people.

Everyone, please, come to City Council meetings. The meetings generally are at 7 p.m. the second Thursday of each month at the Airport Building. You might want to check first because they are sometimes rescheduled, like this week’s has been. At the October meeting, Planning and Zoning were supposed to present to the council their refusal to acknowledge the 80 person petition. The council has the right to make a final decision on this but without business people being present and the voice of the people in support of small business, we could be silenced once again. Hopefully, enough people got the word about the moved-up meeting to fill up the meeting room and be heard.

Kitty Murdock


Dear Editor:

Who is at fault? Our government is shut down and we face a debt ceiling crisis in two weeks. Let me offer my input as to who is at fault. Well, the answer is in basic math. Yes, mathematics reveals the true and accurate answer. You know from 7th grade civics classes that there are three branches of government. And, these three control the direction of our great country; they are the House, the Senate, and the President, count them; one, two, three. The Democrats control two-thirds of the decision-making bodies in Washington! The Republicans only control one-third of the federal government.

It therefore is logically apparent to me. The Democrats in the Senate and the President are solely responsible for the problems in Washington, for they control the majority.

Johnny K. Rhoda


(Editor’s note: The three branches of government are actually the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial.)