Dear Editor:

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor from Johnnie Rhoda, Republican Party, and 2nd District Chairman, in the Oct. 9 issue of the Van Buren County Democrat. I’m not surprised at Mr. Rhoda for trying to shed the blame on the Republican Party for shutting down the government and impairing the financial standing of the United States of America. But as shown in recent polls the American people aren’t buying it nor am I.

Rhoda is worried about the effect on the upcoming Congressional Elections. The Affordable Care Act was passed by a

majority of the House of Representatives and a majority of the Senate and signed into law by the President. The United States Supreme Court then ruled that the law was constitutional and now the Republicans want to hold the American people hostage unless they get a do-over to try to stop the law from taking effect.

The American voters are not going to be fooled that this is the fault of the Democrats in Congress and the President. What these "Tea Partiers" who pledged never to allow "Obama Care" to take effect can’t accept is that the will of the people has become law. It is simply un-American to stand against the will of the people by shutting down the government and threatening the full faith and credit of the country. It is nothing short of anarchy and the people who were threatened and harmed by these Republican "Tea Partiers" are not going to forget. Even the leading members of the Republican Party are now disavowing those "Tea Party" Republicans as the cause of this crisis.

Finally, as pointed out by the editor of this paper, the three branches of the Federal Government are: the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch is the President who is a Democrat. The

Legislative Branch is made up of the Senate, which is Democrat controlled and the House of Representatives, which is currently Republican, controlled. The Judicial Branch which is the U. S. Supreme Court, the Federal District Courts and the U. S. Court of Appeal and is not controlled by any political party.

This system of divided government incorporates the concept of "checks and balances," so that one branch of government could not overrule the other branches, like a king could do. That is what these Tea Party types are trying to be … king.

Stephen E. James, Chairman

Van Buren County Democratic Party