Dear Editor:

On Jan. 15 my trailer burned. The quick response and hard work by the Highway 110, Shirley and Botkinburg fire departmetns in trying to save it was amazing. They are some of the best people in our community.

Another great group of folks are the ones I work with at Triple Transport for all of their support and best wishes.

And finally, to my family and friends, your love and support mean more than I could ever express. You all made a tough time a lot easier.

David Farrell


Dear Editor:

Well done, Judge Hooper and the Van Buren County Quorum Court for making a tough decision to not stop the enlargement of Highway 65 to four lanes all the way through the county despite some opposition from, surprisingly, the mayor of Clinton.

They accomplished what our Congress can not do in making a decision for the majority of the people, rather than cater to a special interest group. A four-lane highway through the county will provide an opportunity to bring new businesses to the area and possible growth for the county.

Van Buren County will now have a new road and the Economic Development Office has brought in a new factory with new jobs.

Now it is time for the mayor of Clinton and his leadership team to step up to the plate and address our area’s water problems. The dirty water and no water problems, the over 40 percent water loss, the replacing of old and outdated equipment and the discriminatory pricing of water to its customers need answers.

Van Buren County is being given a second chance, lets take advantage of the opportunity. People will come to an area that has good roads, jobs and affordable clean water.

As the Duck Commander of Duck Dynasty would say, "this is my opinion and my opinion only."D

Nick Palangio