Dear Editor:

At the 2/17/2014 meeting of the Clinton City Council it was announced that the part-time job at the baseball field for the concession stand was filled with a starting salary of $15 per hour. It was also disclosed that this was third job in the last several months that the City of Clinton filled without advertising or seeking applications.

The City of Clinton is an equal opportunity employer. By not notifying the public and advertising job openings the City of Clinton is violating the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines and regulations.

I am sure there are plenty of citizens in Clinton who would be interested in these high-paying jobs if they only knew about them.

The obvious question is why not do the right thing to start with and avoid all the lawsuits, attorney’s fees, investigations, and extra expense the City of Clinton is continually finding itself in.

The taxpayers should expect more from their elected leadership. The City of Clinton needs to move forward and not revert to the good old boy system it likes to embrace.

Nick Palangio


Dear Editor:

To the elected officials and citizens of the county and state I would like to personally thank you for supporting the rise in my future city, county, state and property taxes, needed for continued support of the war on drugs.

This should, by all accounts, raise me/us from No. 3 in taxation in the U.S. to No. 1, while still remaining 45th in education, the third poorest in the nation, and 29th in job growth.

Again, thank you for your support in this matter!

R. Reed