Dear Editor:

Sometimes at least one or more people have to speak out. I’m one speaking out and I will keep speaking until some things are at least partially fixed.

The Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter didn’t happen "by accident"; it happened because people were willing to fight, argue, beg and work their bums off. The ongoing operation was all volunteer and it was clean, clean, clean from top to bottom. Clean bedding, clean kennels, clean cat boxes and happy animals. Good people working for a good shelter. Visitors were welcomed and sometimes came back to adopt the cat or dog they needed in their home. When I had occasion to visit with some of the visitors their two best places in the Bay were a visit to the shelter and the beautiful Bayside pool.

The animal shelter is no more! It stinks, actually it’s a stench. There are no animals, they’re shipped off only God knows where or for what cause. I don’t know if any records show where or how many or a receipt for their arrival. At a time of national disaster it’s a great help, but now? Besides a visitor is certainly not welcome! We found that out when my family was here and as two former adopters of a cat and dog from this same shelter they were very interested to visit again.

Oh boy! The stench nearly took your breath away and the welcome was left over from the icy winter! The shelter had two dogs and a few cats and we were not admitted period. The glass window in the door to the kennel had a paper over it so you really couldn’t see a thing, and you weren’t allowed in because, and I quote, "You will track diseases in," so, we left. The cats were too few to see. We couldn’t put a foot out of the office and a lady that was there when we arrived disappeared.

This is not acceptable nor should it be. Too many hours are invested, too many dollars and quite to the point, blood, sweat, tears and reams of paperwork, loud words and high blood pressure and blisters, too!

I am ashamed that it has come to this and you all should be too. When good people do nothing, terrible endings are the result. What does it take to manage two dogs and a few cats and keep it clean?

Jeanne Homuth

Fairfield Bay

Dear Editor:

There was an interesting demand from those at GLSEN published in last week’s Van Buren County Democrat. You are not to say, "That’s so gay." Why?

Here is their reasoning.

At one time gay only meant "happy." Later it came to mean "homosexual." And now gay is coming to mean "dumb and stupid."

The latter meaning is unacceptable to homosexuals, so you are not to use it in that meaning.

Whereas gay has a long history of meaning "happy," it was in the 1970’s that it came into prominence as a reference to the homosexual. Homosexuals seem to have no problem that the term was co-opted to refer to themselves.

But now that the word is being used as a synonym for "dumb and stupid" they are offended. So you are not to use it in that way. If you think something or someone is dumb and stupid, just say it, he or she is dumb and stupid.

I was offended when gay was given the meaning of homosexual. But nobody cared and I didn’t really expect them to care. But why not call the homosexual a homosexual? Why should one group co-opt a word with good connotations to describe their "sexual preference?"

But if you use the term gay to mean dumb and stupid you make the homosexual unhappy. And if he is unhappy he cannot be gay, for happy is the original definition of the word. This is such a tragedy.

If you desire to not offend anyone, stop speaking. But it is fine by those fine fellows who gave us the First Amendment to the Constitution to say "gay," meaning "dumb and stupid." However there is no Constitutional right protecting anyone from being offended.

Joe Garnett