Dear Editor:

Miller Sanitation has had to discontinue its recycling pickups because of "lack of participation" by households who use their services (was told about a dozen of the thousands of customers). Really? We as a community cannot take a few minutes each day to put paper, plastic, card board, and aluminum together in a bag? You’d rather send it to a landfill? I will not bore you with recycling data because we all know the benefits far outweigh the effort. What a convenient service we had with this! Now we have to go back to the far more tedious way to recycle in Van Buren County … limited to what is allowed to be recycled … have to separate everything … waste gas to take to a recycling bin. …

We may be able to change this if enough of us who care would call and ask Miller Sanitation to reinstate and firmly commit to this opportunity. We are the Natural State … are we not? And for your convenience, Miller Sanitation number is 745-4458.

Gary Smith