Dear Editor:

I have a few things to say about a couple of the columns in the Democrat.

I read with compassion Rick Fahr’s article in the Democrat newspaper Back In Church - Again.

I wanted to address the reasons he gave for leaving the church, and hopefully provide him with some encouraging words.

1st Reason: People fail you.

My Answer: Never put your trust in people. We are all sinners. We will all fail you. Put your trust in God, and in Him only.

2nd Reason: Bad things happen to good people.

My Answer: God never promised bad things would not happen to good people. God does promise that when bad things happen that He will be there with you, bringing you love, peace, strength, hope, and a caring Savior to pray to and talk to.

3rd Reason: He left God, because there is no proof.

My Answer: You left God. God never left you. Open your heart to God and pray — you will get your proof. "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

Now, as far as Matthew Pate, every time I read one of his articles, it’s like fingernails going down a blackboard. His style of writing is chasing rabbits, and in the concluding paragraph he tries to establish a focal point. Ouch! Last week’s article in the Democrat, "Defending Stones," I could have written it with one paragraph. For example:

1929 reflected female independence. Women’s new freedom started with WWI needing them to work outside the home. In doing so, women became independent and challenged tradition. The result was the 1920’s women’s suffrage movement that gave women the right to vote. Fashion magazines reflected the new woman by models having boyish bodies. Dress designers raised the hems to knee length and made dresses loose by placing the waistline at the hips. Women bobbed their hair short and wore long strings of pearls around their neck. 1929 was about the fun and flirty flapper. This era ended and was followed by the 1930 Great Depression which led to suicides and tremendous sacrifices among families.

The above paragraph makes the same point as Matthew Pate’s entire article. My paragraph was about the challenges of women and the Great Depression. His entire article was about ego, monkeys, artists, and criminals challenging society.

I guess I’ll just skip his articles from now on. He will be taking up a whole page soon just to reach a focal point.

Dena Mosley