The Clinton Cardinals played the Jacksonville Devils at Kanis Park in Little Rock July 9. The final score was in favor of the Cardinals 13-6.

The starting pitcher was Nathan “Steady” Smith and closing pitcher was Cuyler Marty. Jonathan McKnight also pitched a couple innings allowing no runs. Josh Cowling is a new addition to our team and he is also a pitcher. The Cardinals started the 1st inning with 3 runs with a double by Trevor “Dynamite” Lay, a single by Trey “The Hurricane” Austin and a double by Phil Wyatt. Trevor “Dynamite” Lay had 3 doubles and a single, Trey “The Hurricane” Austin went 4 for 6 with a double and a home run, Jonathan McKnight went 1 for 4, Nick “The Cannon” Tester went 3 for 3 and Kendall “Dizzy Dean” Bates went 1 for 4.

2017 Cardinals Baseball Roster

Jose Abiseid, IF, Manager, Choctaw

Victor “Papi” Abiseid, IF/C, Fayetteville

Trevor “Dynamite” Lay, P/IF, Searcy

Derek “D” Blasingame, IF, Russellville

Robbie “The Franchise” McKnight, IF/OF, Maumelle

Jake “Stonewall” Hink, IF/OF, Clinton

Kendall “Dizzy Dean” Bates, IF/P, Choctaw

Nathan “Steady” Smith, P/IF, Clinton

Ben “The Big Hurt” Hunley, OF, Texarkana

Colson “Shoeless” Tester, OF, Clinton

Nicholas “The Cannon” Tester, C, Clinton

Chas “Cadillac” Tamburo, C, Heber Springs

Justin “Fireball” Lindley, OF, Heber Springs

Gerald “No Nonsense” Norton, Clinton

Jonathan McKnight, P, Russellville

Phil Wyatt, DH, Russellville

Cuyler Marty, IF/P, Bee Branch

DJ Shandlen, IF, Heber Springs

Trey “The Hurricane” Austin

Josh Cowling, P