The Clinton Cardinals are back in action for the 2012 season! The first game was against the Pine Bluff Braves on June 9th. There were lots of errors which resulted in loosing the game. Routine plays that should have been made were not made. Overall under par performance for the Cardinals with a lot of rustiness shown.

The next game was played on June 17 at home against England and the Cardinals won. The Cardinals will travel to Mayflower to play the Little Rock Gems on June 24, then a home game against Hector on June 30, which should be a good match. There are no games on the July 4th holiday. The public is welcome and there is no charge for admission.

2012 Cardinals Baseball Roster

Jose Abiseid, IF, Manager

Robbie "The Franchise" McKnight, IF

Victor "Papi" Abiseid, C, IF

Trevor "Dynamite" Lay, P

Chuck "Pretty Boy" Stracener, IF, P

Loui "The Rat" Raptopoulos, IF, P

Shane "Yogi" Yatska, C, OF

Joe "Ruthless" Rugger, OF

Brandon "Pit Bull" Papera, IF

Cuyler Marty, P, IF

Derek "D" Blasingame, OF

Chris "Split Finger" McMurrie, P

Fielder "Shoeless" DuFrene, IF

Jake "Stonewall" Hink, OF

Josh "Gentleman" Garcia, P

Park "Pistol" Parish, IF

Kendall "Dizzy Dean" Bates, P, OF

Nathan "Steady" Smith, C, P

David "Smiley" Keeling, OF, P

Garreth "Bumpy" Knight, OF

Jay "The Hulk" Strain, IF