The Clinton Cardinals played June 24 in Mayflower against the Little Rock Gems in scorching 102-degree weather.

Needless to say it was terribly hot but there was a breeze that did help. Gatorade and water were consumed in large amounts.

Starting pitcher was Nathan "Steady" Smith who is a hard throwing right hander for Clinton. Eric Nicholson, a new player from Russellville, did the catching. Smith allowed no runs in 3 innings of pitching. Trevor "Dynamite" Lay came in the 4th inning tagged for two home runs on a change up that had no movement. This was Lay’s first outing, he has been a steady pitcher for many years for the Cardinals. The next inning, his curve ball and fast ball started working and it was good night Irene for the Gems. The game was closed by David "Smiley" Keeling who was throwing 88 mph fast balls and the Gems couldn’t touch him.

Derek "D" Blasingame has moved to first base in absence of Robbie "The Franchise" McKnight and we hope to have Robbie back soon. Derek had two home runs, went 2 for 4. Louie "The Rat" Raptopoulos had 1 for 4 with one home run and Lay had a homer in the first inning in a lead off spot. Homering was Rico Edmonson who was 1 for 4. Jake "Stonewall" Hink appeared to have a homer but it was ruled a double, weird play but we didn’t argue as we beat the Gems 22-4. Jose Abiseid went 2 for 3 with two singles and a walk.

The Cardinals will be off the weekend after the Fouth of July holiday. We have had a great turn out of new players. Our roster has expanded and steady veterans are coming back.