The Clinton Cardinals played at Atkins against the Hector team on Aug. 25, 2013.

Nathan "Steady" Smith was the opening pitcher. John "The Rocket" Roberson caught the game and did an outstanding job with an assist throwing a speedy Hector runner out at second with a perfect throw. Tag was put on by Kendal "Dizzy Dean" Bates. He also started making good contact at the plate.

Smith allowed 5 runs in the game with a couple unearned by errors. A bad throw from the catcher to third base scored one run, and another run was scored by a line drive to left field that skipped past the left fielder.

The Cardinals were behind 5-7 to Hector.

Smith got a base hit but was thrown out at second after Jacob "1/2" Blasingame hit into a potential double play. "1/2" was able to beat the throw to first base. With one out, Bates hit a monster home run line drive over the centerfield wall with Blasingame on first. This tied the game.

Chris "Split Finger" McMurrie got on base through a short stop error. Derek "D" Blasingame hit a double moving Chris to third. Erik "The Hustle" Nicholson grounded to second base and with two outs. Ben "The Big Hurt" Hundley hit a single to score both runners. The Cardinals went up 9-7 and McMurrie closed it for the Cardinals.

Bates went 3 for 5 with a game-tying home run. McMurrie went 3 for 5 scoring the go ahead run. Derek Blasingame went 3 for 5, Hundley went 2 for 5, Jose Abiseid went 2 for 4 and was hit by a pitch and Smith went 2 for 3 and was also hit by a pitch.

The Cardinals have Labor Day weekend off and will begin tournament play against the Pine Bluff Braves on Sept.r 8, 2013, at Union Chapel.