The Clinton Cardinals played a team composed of Nicaragua players based out of Little Rock. The Cardinals won 13-6.

Starting pitcher was Nathan "Steady" Smith and the closer was Kendall "Dizzy Dean" Bates.

The Cardinals got on board in the first inning with a base hit by Jake "Stonewall" Hink, Bates and Trevor "Dynamite" Lay and also a sacrifice fly by Derek Bates.

After a walk by Jose Abiseid and a base hit by Smith the Cardinals scored 4 runs in the first inning.

For the Cardinals, Hink went 2 for 4 with a home run in the secnd inning. Kendall Bates went 1 for 3; Lay went 1 for 4; Derek "D" Blasingame went 1 for 3; Ben Hundley went 1 for 4; Colton Tester went 1 for 2; Nathan Smith went 1 for 2; Cory Ward went 1 for 4’ and Dale Smith went 1 for 4.

The Cardinals traveled to Union Chappel for their next game. Then they will then play a team from Santa Fe for a final home game on Aug. 18.