Daniel Strang stands safely away from the action during the tip-off of the Shirley Blue Devils game against Nemo Vista on Senior Night. All six seniors on the boys team were allowed to start the game. It was Strang’s first appearance in a game since his car wreck Nov. 10, 2013 — the day before conference play began. Strang was applauded by teammates, fans, opponents, and officials at he left the game after 1 second. Both of his feet are still in walking casts. With the outcome of the game no longer in doubt, Strang re-entered the game with 24 seconds left. A teammate fouled, sending Nemo Vista to the line. Strang stood under the basket, caught the long inbounds pass, took a step, and scored a layup. He then left the court for the last time in high school as the clock wound down. Strang will be out of his casts in a couple of weeks, but it will still be some time before he is able to run or jump.