The Clinton Junior High football team lost to Heber Springs, for the first time in several years, by the score 30-12 at Heber Springs last Thursday, Oct. 18.

Heber Springs scored 16 points early to take the lead before Travis Whitson ran in an 8-yard touchdown for the Jackets prior to half-time.

The Junior High Yellow Jacket s scored an a 22-yard pass and catch from Kannon Bradley to M.J. Griffen for the only other Clinton score.

Defensive leaders include: Aaron Bigelow, 6 tackles; Kort Weaver and Chase Cook, 5 tackles each; and 3 tackles each for Jake Ferrell, Wyatt McCoy, Cager Bandy and Jesus Robles.

Offensive leaders include: Bradley who completed 5 of 12 passes for 82 yards and a touchdown; Whitson, 11 carries for 51 yards and a catch for 14 yards; Griffen, 3 catches for 51 yards; Bigelow, 11 carries for 48 yards; David Beavers, 2 carries for 8 yards and a catch for 17 yards; Weaver, 3 carries for 5 yards and a nice 15-yard punt return; and Travis Farmer, 1 carry for a yard.

Some players who have had important contributions to this Jackets team but probably didn’t get their names mentioned enough include: Jeremy Fultz, Hunter McHam, Bradley Amos, Gunnar Ward, Matt Burch and Jared Widener.

A correction from last week’s article: Garrett Bagley had 12 tackles.

This week these Jackets play at home against Lonoke in their last game of the season. Hope to see you there.