Despite being plagued with injuries early in the season, the mighty Clinton Buzz ended up going undefeated in 12 and Under league play with a record of 16-0. They also took first place in their district tournament. This wasn’t a typical season for the Buzz, for it was a nail-biting, heart-attack inducing, yet a memory-making season. In four of their last six games they came from behind in the clutches and won the games. They were the type of wins where the team hung around the ball field and closed down the local restaurants not wanting the night to end, then waking up the next morning still smiling and reliving the night. It is these types of games that the boys will remember and talk about for generations to come. It is these type of games that make them more then just a summer baseball team, it is the type of games that make us a family. Without our dedicated coaches — Wesley Potts, Jeremy Smiley and Chris Sowell — giving the boys a good and being positive Christian role models, it wouldn’t matter if the team won or lost and we wouldn’t be making memories.