By Will Dawson

The sixth-grade Yellow Jackets traveled to Morrilton last Saturday to take on the Lil’ Pups in Round 3 of the playoffs. Our boys fought hard and crushed the undefeated Lil’ Pups with a 28-8 victory.

This final playoff win against Morrilton lands us a bid for the Super Bowl title. The Super Bowl will be played in Bald Knob at 3 p.m. Nov. 3. Come on out and show your Yellow Jacket spirit and support this team that has battled many injuries and obstacles this year.

At one point, four starters were out with injuries and the team was down to only a few players who really stepped it up to keep this little team in the running. Their efforts have paid off and the Pee Wee Jackets have been unstoppable, winning all the playoff games by landslides of 20-point spreads.

Game One: The Jackets defeated Greenbrier, 39-6, rushing over 400 yards.

Game Two: They delivered a very impressive blow to last year’s Super Bowl champs, Vilonia Red, with a 30-7 victory, rushing 322 yards. They started with a 92-yard touchdown run to get the pendulum swinging their way and then added a great 35-yard touchdown pass and catch with 7 seconds on the clock before half-time.

Game Three: Pee Wee Jackets defense was like a stone wall delivering blows that picked apart their offensive opponents and smashed through with seven sacks against the undefeated Morrilton Lil’ Pups. Hats off to the offensive line that made easy work for the Jacket backs to leave their marks on the scoreboard — 28-8.

The boys’ valiant efforts show what real team work is as they beat the odds with their character and tenacity. Come show them the support they deserve in Bald Knob on Saturday.