Baseball is more than just a sport, especially when it is little league baseball in a small community.

Baseball season brings with it so much more than a group of rowdy kids and sunflower seeds, this season was by far no exception. Every boy and girl that stepped up to the plate and pulled back their bat gave this community something to be so proud of.

This year Clinton had several undefeated teams and a swarm of boys and girls that played hard and proud. I am writing on behalf of all the parents, players, and coaches for this seasons Clinton teams.

Aside from some really great kids playing a really great game, this year was filled with an abundance of emotions and a wealth of spirituality. While the several days a week of practice and games can be strenuous on our schedules and hard on our pocketbooks, it has been so rewarding and lucrative on our hearts and souls as many lifelong friendships are born in the stands and on the field.

For some boys, having a coach will be the only male role model they will ever have and so baseball season is more than learning to throw a ball, swing a bat, or steal a base. It is where some of our boys are learning to be men and for some the field will be the only place they will ever learn the love of God.

This year a few of us parents of the Clinton Jackets 10 and under, had the opportunity to be a part of one of the most memorable days of our boys’ lives. We watched our boys play the best game so far and reach a goal that they worked hard for, for the last five years. When the game was over, the look on our boys’ faces were priceless and their smiles told us exactly what their hearts were feeling.

A sense of pride filled the air, as we watched our boys end a perfect season, 21-0. I looked at our group of parents and knew that we had all just shared a moment that would last forever. The coaches looked on at their group of boys with so much happiness, it was a fantastic scene but it wasn’t the most important scene of that day. On June 16, two rivaling teams became one group of God-fearing boys as they united in prayer in the center of the diamond.

To watch these boys, the coaches, and the umpires, prepare for this game was an awesome moment and while each team had its own hopes for the outcome, they both shared one common prayer for each other and with thanks for the ability to be on that field with each other.

Baseball is more than just a sport! Let’s take our caps off to all that have been a part of this season: To Craig Clute for all he did to make sure that our boys got to play; to every single coach past and present, you may not ever know the impact you have had on our children; to every parent who sacrificed their time to support their child this season; to every ump for doing the best they could with every call (and for putting up with us parents … Lord knows that’s rough); to all of the boys for making us so proud and reminding us of the best thing in life; and to the good Lord for keeping our boys safe, for giving our coaches patience, and for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon us through out this season.