The Clinton Cardinals are back in action for the 2013 season.

The first game was against the Conway Dodgers at home on June 23. Losing 10-4, the game was close until the final inning when Conway scored 5 runs. The short stop had a home run off of Chris "Split Finger" McMurrie, Cardinals starting pitcher.

The Cardinals main problem was the lack of clutch hitting for this game that left at least 12 players on base including 2 innings where bases were loaded.

For the Cardinals, Jake "Stonewall" Hink went 1 for 4 with a stolen base, Victor "Papi" Abiseid went 1 for 3 with base on balls. Trevor "Dynamite" Lay went 2 for 4 with a double and a single. Eric Nicholson went 1 for 4 and so did Ben Hundley.

Cardinals Baseball Roster

Jose Abiseid, IF, Manager

Robbie "The Franchise" McKnight, IF

Victor "Papi" Abiseid, C, IF

Trevor "Dynamite" Lay, P

Chuck "Pretty Boy" Stracener, IF, P

Shane "Yogi" Yatska, C, OF

Derek "D" Blasingame, OF

Chris "Split Finger" McMurrie, P

Jake "Stonewall" Hink, OF

Josh "Gentleman" Garcia, P

Kendall "Dizzy Dean" Bates, P, OF

Nathan "Steady" Smith, C, P

Garreth "Bumpy" Knight, OF

Ben Hundley, OF

Eric Nicholson, C