I watched with disgust Jan. 1 as Clinton councilmembers who stubbornly chose not to support our countywide 911 took oaths of office. Better they had sworn from their cozy airport council chamber, not in sight of the rest of us who believe 911 is a top public service.
 For six months, Van Buren County and Fairfield Bay leaders worked many, many hours on budgeting to fund the operation. They were heartsick at having to reduce staffing, cut important activities such as senior centers, county rescue, the Sheriff/Police and more. Clinton was asked for a “fair share”—about $43,000—yet, answered “No,” paying fairly to use 911 is not our priority.
 County Judge/Quorum Court: Send Clinton an invoice for 911 service each month…it is about $3600.00; Media: Report Clinton payment or arrears; Clinton voters: Think real hard.

911: We love you. Thank you for your devoted service. Most of us are willing to support all you do, 24/7.

Ingram Philips

Fairfield Bay