Final results follow; a full update and write up will be on the website Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 6. 

10 p.m. with all precincts reporting:

State races (governor, etc.) in the county were a lock for Republicans. 

Dales James, with 57.9 percent of the vote wins County Judge

Lucas Emberton, at 54 percent, wins Sheriff. 

Mistie Wilson has defeated Kim Hunley for County Treasurer with 61.87 percent of the vote.

Emma Smiley wins Assessor at 76.81 percent.

The three-way race for Coroner will go to run off, with Tsosie at 47.68 percent, 2,976 votes, to Galbraith's 44.30 percent at 2,756 votes over Henson, 8 percent at 501 votes. 

Sarah Brown takes JP District 3; Brian Tatum takes JP 7 in a very close race with 317 votes to challenger William Fosko at 311 votes. Virgil Lemings has defeated incumbant Kevin Housley for JP 8, 420 votes to 230. 

JP 9 is heading for run off, with the four way race having Newland at 41 percent, Bass at 31 percent, Wells at 18 percent and Wheeler at 8 percent of the votes. 

 Pistole retains Clinton City Council seat at 496 votes to Curtis's 375.

Randall Gardner for Shirley Council with 68 votes to challenger Brandy Kimmons 49.


9:10 p.m. with 14 of 21 precincts reporting
Hutchinson has made his victory speech and the state offices are looking decidedly red, with Hutchinson, Hill, Griffin, Rutledge, Thurston, Milligan, Lea and Land holding clear leads in county totals. 

James over Hooper over Soyani, 3,424 to 2,268 to 161; this puts James at 58.5 percent.


8:42 p.m., 6 of 21 precincts in: James over Hooper, 2,370 to 1,500 over Soyani at 126. Sheriff is Emberton over Koonce 2,091 to 1,388 over Rice at 520.

Wilson continues to lead over Nunley for Treasurer, 2,399 to 1,544. Coroner Tsosie 1,995 over Galbraith and Henson, 1,665 and 306 respectively. 

Crews over Throneberry 2,235 to 1,579 for Prosecuting Attorney, and 

Constitutional amendments for Voter ID will ahead for "Yes," with casino yes slightly ahead at 52 percent, Min Wage for also strongly ahead at 66 percent. 


8:12 p.m., precincts still out; Hill, Hutchinson, Griffin, Rutledge all strong. 

County has James over Hooper, 1,788 to 1,163; Emberton over Koonce over Rice, 1,622, 1,037 and 387 respectively. Wilson over Hunley for Treasurer, 1,1832 over 1,170. 

Corner is close with Tsosie over Galbraith 1,154 to 1,292 over Henson at 216.


7:40 p.m. - Early votes are being tabulated, with Dale James for County Judge, 1,724 votes to 1,104 for Judge Roger Hooper and 88 for Tony Soyani. 

Emberton is leading in Sheriff, 1,553 to 988 for Eric Koonce and 379 for Paul Rice. 

Treasurer is led by Mistie Wilson with Emma Smiley leading for Assessor. 

CNN is projecting Hutchinson for Governor. 

It is still very early, with no precinct tabulations in at this time. 

7:25 p.m. - Polls are due to close in 5 minutes. No problems with voting are reported.