In a performance which could be best described as “charming,” the Clinton School Theatre department put on two performances of “Singin’ in the Rain” the evenings of Friday and Saturday, April 21 and 22.

The play itself, in a unique twist, an adaptation of a - what is now regarded as a classic - 1952 movie, was a chance for students to demonstrate a range of skills including the song and dance numbers which led to the movie’s “classic” status, as well as a range of characters, most based on the old-school Hollywood silent screen archetypes as they confront the realities of those new-fangled talking pictures in “looking back fondly” storytelling.

The challenge, met by the cast and crew, was to both perform grand sweeping song and dance performances (which also took great advantage of costuming) against the single or small-group character, and story, building of one-on-one scenes showing an emotional range including joy, sorrow, fear, and of course love.

Josh Pryor as Don Lockwood opposite Kylie Blanton as Kathy Selden demonstrated this dynamic throughout the performance, which continued in their scenes with Chase Blanton as Cosmo Brown, often requiring that character’s humor and quick wit to move the story forward.

Alyssa McKnight as the squeaky Lina Lamont, a silent film star made her presence known each time she was on stage with a pitch-perfect east-coast accent, at times against studio head R.F. Simpson played by Regan McGaha, juggling storyline business complexities with oft-challenged director character Roscoe Dexter as played by David Mendoza.