A home-recorded video going viral has resulted in an area man catching the eye of country music professionals.

The man, Heath Sanders, a field operator with SWN, had a video posted on Facebook of him singing a Chris Stapleton song, accompanying himself on guitar. In the course of the video Sanders was able to hit some high notes in the song “Either Way,” a challenging proposition.

It caught on. The video got over 450,000 views on Facebook, Sanders said, and then the phone started ringing as producers and promoters began reaching out to him. One of the calls was from a producer for the Bobby Bones show. Bones’ show is nationally syndicated. That call resulted in Sanders speaking with Bones, who put him on the show Tuesday morning.

It was the follow-up to the initial invite that has Sanders particularly excited, when Bones invited him to the show’s studio in two weeks where he will play for music industry executives and star-makers.

Bones’ Nashville-based show in the past has been a gateway for a number of stars over the years who were first heard during a broadcast.

Sanders, known as being down-to-earth, said in getting ready for the in-studio appearance he was not going to do anything special and just keeping doing what he has been doing.

“I’m just going to practice at the house on grandpa’s guitar,” Sanders said, adding, “My soul is not for sale.”

His guitar was a Martin handed down to him from his grandfather.

Bones got his start in Arkansas radio.