Cars just kept coming. The benefit for much-loved area friend and entrepreneur Randy Ego was this past weekend, Nov. 26 at the Clinton High School Walker Gym, and those who wanted to help, to lend a hand, just kept showing up.

The gym was host to a combination auction and silent auction all focused upon the importance of keeping Ego and his family as comfortable as possible as they come to terms with his recent tragic, freak, accident and its expenses. (A tree fell on Ego as he was cutting firewood, a second tree, not the one he was cutting. The result was shattered vertebrae, a helicopter evacuation, and current efforts to get him off a respirator at a Little Rock hospital.)

The auction was, in effect, phase one, with the day’s benefit event moving to the Senior Center that evening for a potluck and dancing to live music.

And people kept arriving, kept donating, that Saturday. There were those who donated goods and services, art in various forms, woodworking, crafted goods, manufactured good and those who donated their time: Offers to bid on dozer work, on airplane tours, and of course those very busy volunteers moving to and fro throughout the event, welcoming, placing, sorting, organizing, smiling, thanking, to keep the event running smoothly.

And there were those who arrived to give of themselves in a more immediate sense. To bid on various items because, darn it, Randy needed a hand. Some, many really, who only knew the man and his family by reputation were there to sign the guest book and pay over-retail for given items just to help the fund. If anybody was looking for a deal, it was the deal of a community coming together to help one of its own.

The event, with a goal of raising $50,000 for the family, was judged a success. The 225 -plus people were able to provide $49,517, adding to this online donations of nearly $7,000. The monies included not just auction and silent auction, but proceeds from a pie auction and a collection taken by the band at the day’s’ final event.

Those wishing to donate to the Ego family can look up “Randy Ego” at