Petit Jean Electric has been powering Clinton and the surrounding communities for the past 75 years. Petit Jean was first organized as a cooperative in October of 1940 using the Electric Cooperative Corporation Act of the State of Arkansas. The Electric Cooperative Corporation Act was an expansion of an effort started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 with the creation of The Rural Electrification Administration and the Rural Electrification Act the following year. This act by Roosevelt was an effort to provide electricity to rural America. Until this act electricity had been commonplace in cities but largely unavailable in rural communities.

Morrilton would be the home of Petit Jean Electric for its first two years from 1940 to 1942 when the newly started company used a Rural Electrification Administration loan to purchase Clinton Light & Ice Company from Clarence H. Tingley Sr. This Purchase of Clinton Light & Ice Company provided Petit Jean Electric with their first 61 miles of power lines and 780 customers. In September of 1942 the board decided to move their general office from Morrilton to Clinton to support their newly purchased infrastructure. The January 1943 financial report showed a total of 783 accounts with an average of 34kwh billed at $3.03 a month.

Petit Jean Electric now serves a population of more than 17,000 in Arkansas with over 3,000 miles of electric distribution line. It offers automatic bank draft, billing, load management, meter reading, outage reporting and surge protection services. They provide information related to the installation of compact fluorescent light bulbs, heat pumps, security lights and water heaters. Petit Jean Electric Cooperative conducts energy audits, offers a range of member services and they maintain a staff of more than 60 employees. Petit Jean Electric Cooperative is a member-owned company that is not only committed to quality service with minimal interruption they are dedicated to educating their clients on how to use their product efficiently and supporting our community through many public service and nonprofit events.